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the Complex 

Every Organization is diverse, and so are their learning needs. Colegio is an intuitive, cloud-based learning management system that streamlines training across your organization, enabling faster and better e-learning experiences. 

Learning that becomes an Asset

Every Learning comes with a certificate which is an asset to your Employees


Whatever your industry, you need highly skilled talent to stay on top. This involves building a learning culture that adapts to different learning styles. Colegio includes:

Self-paced learning

Blended learning
Certification Based




Features & Benefits

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts


By Innovators, For Innovators

Interactive virtual classroom

Tests to assess learners



Manager's space

Compliant with HR Learning Policies

Track Mandatory Training Hours

Plan according to Organization's Career Framework


An e-learning platform that is tightly integrated with your performance system leads to a complete learning experience. Our LMS communicates so fluently with Employee's performance system that when a course is completed, the linked skillset scores increase automatically.

Plans & Pricing

With the Right LMS,
Great Things Can Happen

Colegio is a complete Learning solution for every business.

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