Features & Benefits

Colegio - The Smart LMS

Seamless Training

Self-paced learning
Let employees learn in a style and at a pace that's most effective for them.

Blended learning
A combination of learning styles that combines self-paced, virtual, and traditional classroom methods into a holistic learning experience.

Simplifying the Complex 

Powerful course builder

Create learning plans

Course schedules and notifications

Certification Oriented

Collaborate with Premiere B-Schools

Engaging Experience

Interactive virtual classroom with inbuilt Video Conference facility

Discussions - Connects learners and trainers to share, debate, analyze, and understand perspectives and concepts in depth. Improve course quality with effective feedback. Manager's space allows managers to suggest and enrol courses for learners, track their progress, and provide course feedback.


An e-learning platform that can be tightly integrated with your performance system to ensure a complete learning experience.

Our LMS communicates so fluently with your performance system that when a course is completed, the linked skillset scores increase automatically.

Mobile Learning

Don't confine employees to their desks. Let them carry their learning materials in the palm of their hands. Learner's can access courses and attend virtual sessions from anywhere, uninterrupted.


Our vast array of reports gives you insight into your employee learning trends, how each course is performing, the highly rated trainers, top-performing employees, and more.


Use Certified Training Modules prepared by our experts or if you have your own contents, have them reviewed and endorsed by our experts and Top ranked B-Schools and Institutes.

There Is Something for Everyone

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